CDB1 (Concreted Deck Box)

The Concrete Deck Box is the latest FLEX accessory to make temporary lighting installations faster and easier to install, maintain, and remove. A 3-piece system that is installed prior to the pour, the Concrete Deck Box enables the low voltage bus line to be integrated into the deck, leaving it out of harm’s way during construction. Upon completion of a project, the modules are simply removed and all evidence of the temporary boxes vanishes behind a skim-coat.

  • Enables the temporary stringer system to be buried in the slab/deck.
  • Makes installation of FLEX SLS System faster and easier for the electrical contractor.
  • Keeps the work environment safer with less wires in the way.
  • Leaves no trace – the bottom cover can be Kadex or Skim Coated.

FFMB (Fixed Mount Bracket)

  • Available only with FM10

24VDC Bus Line

  • Proprietary #10 – 2 conductor direct burial-rated cable interfaces with T-Connector on modules
  • Standard configuration is 1000′ spool