Intelligent Control System

Project-wide control from a single access point

Most construction sites are too dark during workinghours and too bright during nonworking hours. The end result is wasted energy and unsafe lighting conditions. The FLEX SLS Intelligent Control System allows project-wide control of temporary low-voltage LED construction site lighting from a single access point – operate at full power for working hours, low power or off during non-working hours, and notification alert mode for job site situations. With the FLEX SLS Intelligent Control System, optimal lighting conditions for your project are simple and easy to program, manage and reconfigure to meet the ever-changing needs of your construction site.

  • Create daily or weekly schedule programs
  • Four modes of control: full power, low power, notification alert, and off

    • – Full power mode meets OSHA’s 5-foot-candle requirement for working hours*
    • – Low power mode meets IES’s recommended 1-foot-candle level for non-work hour security lighting*
    • – Off for non-work areas that do not require security lighting
    • – Notification alert mode provides a slow strobe effect to supplement air horns and radios
  • Manual Override Button overrides programmed modes to full power
Create and manage your energy strategy from a single access point

Push button initiates notification alert mode

FIS1 (Control Panel)

The FIS1 Control Panel is comprised of a graphical user interface and keypad, and a network coordinator. There is a simple to understand manual to take you through every step of the programming process.