Construction Products

Clear-Vu Lighting’s FLEX SLS 3.0 Series produces safe and sustainable LED lighting for temporary construction site lighting. This low-voltage LED system provides an energy efficient, zero maintenance alternative to traditional incandescent, CFL and HID systems. FLEX qualifies for LEED innovative design credit – 1 point.

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INTELLIBay LED Luminaires

Commercial/Industrial Products

Clear-Vu Lighting’s edge lit LED light panels are ideal for general illumination of offices, retail spaces, classrooms and healthcare facilities. The uniformly illuminated panels eliminate glare, providing high levels of even illumination. This ergonomically sound high quality lighting minimizes eye fatigue that can lead to headache and low employee/student performance.

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Healthcare Products

orLED™ sets new standards for operating room supplementary lighting systems. The edge-lit LED optical system eliminates glare and minimizes shadows. The innovative housing design maximizes LED performance/longevity and minimizes contamination. orLED is fully listed and certified for surgical suite sanitation, leakage, RFI and hazardous location requirements.

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Life Sciences Products

Clear-Vu Lighting’s cleanLED is the first series of lighting fixtures designed, manufactured and tested to NSF Protocol P442, “Controlled Environment Lighting Fixtures”. NSF P442 is the first and only universally accepted publication that provides standards and testing procedures for lighting fixtures utilized in pharmaceutical processing, bio-tech research, biosafety labs, surgical suite, clean room manufacturing, food processing and horticulture applications.

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Mass Transit Products

Clear-Vu Lighting’s LED Portable Lamp Bank produces high levels of uniform horizontal and vertical illumination. Designed and constructed to withstand extreme physical and environmental abuse. The METROGUIDE LED Series for subway tunnel pathway lighting exceeds NFPA 130 lighting and emergency battery safety standards. Designed for quick installation, low operating costs and zero maintenance.

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