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Clear-Vu Lighting’s cleanLED luminaires are designed to maximize the effectiveness/efficiency of LED technology and protect the integrity of clean room (ISO3-ISO8) and containment area (BSL3 and BSL4) environments.

cleanLED is the first lighting fixture series designed and tested* to National Sanitation Foundation’s new protocol (P442) "Lighting Fixtures for Controlled Environments" – clean room, containment area and surgical suites. P442 addresses three types of leakage (plenum to room, room to plenum, and plenum/room to lighting fixtures interior), ease of cleanability, corrosion, toxicity and interface with ceiling structure. Other pending listings, ratings, certifications and protocols include: IP66 (ISO60598); Hazardous Locations – Class I, Division 2; Class II, Division 2; NSF2 (Splash Zone); LM79; LM80; DLC Qualified. Optional MIL STD 461F.*

First-time innovations include: deep-draw stainless steel lens frame with no surface welding; universal installation design (recessed/flange and 2.0 T-Bar); edge-lit LED panel; one-piece mono-gasket system; wire and install without removing lens frame; LED heat sink/heat fin aluminum housing design; factory leakage testing and registration of every lighting fixture – 100%.

*All pending Listings, Ratings, Certifications and Protocols are in process.


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Ease of Cleanability & Corrosion Resistance
Interface with Ceiling
Hazardous Locations
Electromagnetic Interference