Carpet Leander

Carpet Leander

Nothing looks as good or feels as comfortable as beautiful new carpet in Leander in your home or business. If you’ve been looking at flooring and are interested in a product that is both affordable and visually appealing, check with Texas Pride Custom Floors to see what we have in stock and available for installation. Due to issues with the chain supply, we currently offer carpeting only for residential customers who also choose hard flooring for a portion of their new floor installation. Feel free to get in touch with someone from our team if you have questions about carpet installation.

5 Compelling Reasons To Choose Carpet Flooring

1. As one of the most respected Leander, TX flooring stores, Texas Pride can offer exceptional prices on custom carpeting. If you’re on a budget and looking for a way to cover your living room or bedroom floors in attractive colors or patterns, you’ll find many cost-effective options in our carpeting selection. With proper care and maintenance, your beautiful carpets will last for decades.

2. Carpet and hardwood flooring go great together. Consider real hardwood floors in your living room where you greet your guests and carpeting in the back rooms where family sleeps and guests spend the night in your home. Our flooring specialists from Texas Pride Custom Floors will help you choose the right combination when you hire us to install hard flooring and carpeting near Leander.

3. Professional carpet installation in Leander, TX doesn’t take a lot of time. Once you’ve selected your carpets and underlayment, our experts can have your carpet installation completed quickly, so you can start enjoying the new look and feel in your home. Expect quality workmanship from our team and exceptional customer care from our company.

4. Carpeting is easy to maintain. Vacuum your new carpets 1-3 times a week to pull up dust, dirt, pollutants, and debris from the carpet fibers, and hire a professional carpet cleaner annually to deep clean the bottom-most fibers of carpeting. A rechargeable carpet sweeper does a great job of keeping carpets looking good between heavy vacuuming. Take advice from carpet specialists and invest in a quality vacuum with a high customer rating.

5. With carpeting, you’ll have more color and style options compared with other flooring materials. Choose from a virtual rainbow of colors, carpet lengths, and loop styles to accent or contrast with existing home d├ęcor. Our flooring pros can offer insight and advice if you need assistance selecting carpeting for your home.

View our online photo gallery or use the free tools on our site to see our flooring in the rooms of your home. Upload photos and start shopping for new hard flooring and carpet in Leander in seconds to get the look you want. Texas Pride Custom Floors pros are just one call away at 512-817-4107 if you have questions or need assistance in any way.

We think your floors are a big deal- and we make it our business to ensure you get the flooring you want at a price you can afford, along with a professional installation, when you contact our floor & carpet company in Leander, TX.

Carpet Leander

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