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foodLED – 2×2


Clear-Vu Lighting’s foodLED series has been designed for applications requiring recessed LED lighting fixtures that are NSF/ANSI 2 listed for splash zone and non-food zones, IP66 rated for wipe/wash/hose-down cleaning protocols offered in a range of lumen packages up to 15,000 lumens.

The edge-lit LED optic systems provide the best in high levels of uniform lighting with no glare or shadows. The heavy gauge aluminum housing is a highly designed heat sink that maximizes LED life by conducting heat away from the LEDs and providing IP66 protection degrading environmental contamination.

Applications include: kitchens, food storage, dry process areas, damp process areas, wet process areas, high-pressure hose-down areas, and decontamination areas.

First-time innovations include: deep-draw stainless steel lens frame with no surface welding; universal installation design (recessed/flange and 2.0 T-Bar); edge-lit LED panel; one-piece mono-gasket system; wire and install without removing lens frame; LED heat sink/heat fin aluminum housing design; factory leakage testing and registration of every lighting fixture – 100%.


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Ease of Cleanability & Corrosion Resistance
Hazardous Locations
Electromagnetic Interference