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Friday, January 15, 2016

New AIA Presentation About Lighting Fixtures for Life Science Applications

Environmental Challenges of Controlled Environment Light Fixtures

“How to select clean room and containment area light fixtures that protect people, product and processes from particulates, pathogens, EMI, fires and explosions”

The AIA presentation will focus on National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) P442, “Lighting Fixtures for Controlled Environments” and its relationship to Clear-Vu Lighting’s new cleanLED Series. NSF P442 is the first and only universally accepted publication that provides standards and testing procedures specifically for lighting fixtures utilized in pharmaceutical processing, bio-tech research, biosafety labs, surgical suite, clean room manufacturing, food processing and horticulture applications.

The discussion will cover the following topics:

  • Define and identify “Controlled Environments”
  • Define “Controlled Environment” integrity and discuss its dependence upon lighting fixture integrity
  • Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of performance versus feature based specifications
  • Identify and define universally accepted standards and testing procedures describe performance objectives and testing procedures that guide the design and construction of lighting fixtures that:
    • resist leakage
    • resist corrosion
    • facilitate cleaning
    • operate safely in hazardous locations
    • control electromagnetic interference (radiated and conducted)
    • maximize performance and longevity of LED optical system
    • Importance of independent lab and factory testing
  • Questions and Answers
  • Clear-Vu Lighting’s cleanLED series product demonstration – after formal presentation

To schedule this AIA presentation (one CEU health, safety and welfare), contact George Ryder, Vice President of Marketing at Clear-Vu Lighting at (516) 941-3720 or