The world’s most advanced low voltage LED-based temporary lighting system for construction sites.

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  • Want safe and sustainable construction site lighting?
  • Want a system that is easy to install and reconfigure on a dynamic job site without getting buried in the walls?
  • Want long-life LEDs and robust construction that minimizes maintenance costs and encourages reuse?
  • Want higher levels of illumination while reducing energy costs by 80+%?
  • Want different types of temporary lighting for general area, access areas, back of building, stairwells, and path of egress?
  • Want to eliminate OSHA inspector violations due to bad splices?


Find out how to save on temporary lighting for your next construction project.

what makes

FLEX SLS unique?


safe & secure

  • The power distribution system is entirely low voltage – eliminating the risk of electrocution and shock hazards on jobsites.
  • LED modules are never too hot to touch and substantially reduce the possibility of injuries and fires.
  • LED modules conform to OSHA foot candle requirements.
  • Your entire temporary lighting installation can serve as an emergency alarm for building evacuation.


cost-effective &

  • FLEX SLS consumes less than 1/4 the energy compared to existing lighting technologies.
  • FLEX SLS earned a LEED ID Credit due to the significant decrease in electricity consumption and electrical waste.
  • RoHS compliant
  • Contains no hazardous materials


installation &
labor efficient

  • LED modules have twist and lock connectors for ease of installation.
  • Allows unlimited spacing of stringers and hardwiring of fixtures for optimal spacing
  • All LED modules can be co-mingled on the same 24VDC low-voltage bus line.



  • Impact resistant and impervious to environment – IP66-rated polycarbonate module enclosure designed to withstand extreme environmental and physical abuse.
  • IP66-rated.
  • Power supply includes secondary surge protection for lighting strikes.
  • Will survive a 15’ drop test on concrete.

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