The world’s most advanced low voltage LED-based temporary lighting system for construction sites

Clear-Vu Lighting’s award-winning FLEX Site Lighting System is safer, more energy efficient, cost-effective, and flexible than traditional line voltage temporary lighting systems including incandescent/compact fluorescent/LED lamp-based "stringers" and 400W metal halide fixtures or their fluorescent equivalents for a wide variety of applications.

FLEX SLS LED modules are IP66-rated, extremely rugged and durable (can withstand 15’ drop test) and theft-resistant due to the proprietary T-Connectors. And now, with the Intelligent Control System, an entire jobsite’s temporary lighting can serve as a notification system – controlled and managed from a single access point!

The FLEX Site Lighting System includes three standard modules designed to simplify layouts in 10/20/30 foot spacing. All the modules can be comingled on the same 24VDC low-voltage bus line, and are backwards compatible with the previous generations of the FLEX System.

FLEX SLS LED Modules are extremely rugged and durable.

FLEX SLS LED ROI & Model Project Savings Calculator

*Cost comparison versus metal halide and CFL on a 250,000 sq. ft. project
What is the total size of your project?
250,000 sq. ft.

Do you use 100W incandescent bulbs or 27W CFL equivalent?

What percentage of your project will be illuminated by 100W incandescent/CFL bulbs?

What percentage of your project will be illuminated by metal halide bay lights?

What is the electricity cost where the project is located (kWh)?

What is the expected duration of temporary lighting on the project?
18 months

What is the hourly rate for bulb-changing electrician?

How much does a metal halide replacement bulb cost?

How long does it take to replace a metal halide bulb?
20 minutes

How much does an incandescant/CFL replacement bulb cost?

How long does it take to replace an incandescant/CFL bulb?
8 minutes

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