Energy-efficient.   Indestructable.   Reconfigurable.  

The world’s most advanced low voltage LED-based temporary lighting system for construction sites. Explore our Modules:

The FM2A Module: 6W/1000 lumen: Replaces traditional temporary string lights (100w a-lamp)

FM2A 6W/1000 lumen

Replaces traditional temporary string lights (100W A-lamps)

spacing: 10-15 feet

The FM10: 30W/3000 lumen: Use in place of standard low-bay lighting.

FM10 30W/3000 lumen

Use in place of cumbersome, dangerous low-bay lighting.

spacing: 15-25 feet

The FM30: 60W/6000 lumen: Safer and More efficient than tratidional high-bay lighting.

FM30A 60W/6000 lumen

Safer and more efficient than traditional high-bay lighting.

spacing: 25-40 feet

FLEX SLS Lighting Systems are incredibly easy to install AND remove from job site to job site. Get years of use out of one efficient system. No more cutting cheap, dangerous lighting out of the walls and throwing money in the dumpster.

Read what Our FLEX SLS Customers say…


“We were actually putting up conventional lighting, and we stopped. It’s tremendous …the guys love these things because of the simplicity of installation – and no maintenance.”

– Paul D, Skanska USA


“From a safety aspect, the FLEX System’s low voltage operation has mitigated the electrocution hazard during material handling. The system provides excellent illumination, is time efficient to install and modify, and maintenance is minimal as it can endure a great deal of abuse while continuing to function. I would look forward to using FLEX on my next project, it is superior to traditional temporary lighting.”

– James P, Turner Construction Co


“Without the FLEX SLS Lighting System’s robust construction that was able to withstand our ‘durability test,’ the 50,000 hour life of a typical LED bulb would have been of little value.”

– Brian S, Benchmark Builders


“After Clear-Vu Lighting’s FLEX SLS lighting system was installed, I walked through the construction site and saw high levels of uniform lighting with no dark corners. The University of Washington is creating a safe working environment with dramatically lower energy costs and that is an excellent example of true sustainability.”

– Mindy U, Skanska, NW Regional Safety Director

An Energy-Efficient, Maintenance-Free Alternative to CFL, HID, and Line Voltage LED Systems

Clear-Vu Lighting’s award-winning FLEX SLS Site Lighting System is safer, more energy efficient, cost-effective, and flexible than traditional line voltage temporary lighting systems including incandescent/compact fluorescent/LED lamp-based “stringers” and 400W metal halide fixtures or their fluorescent equivalents for a wide variety of applications. FLEX LED modules are IP66-rated, extremely rugged and durable (can withstand 15’ drop test) and theft-resistant due to the proprietary T-Connectors. And now, with the Intelligent Control System, an entire jobsite’s temporary lighting can serve as an emergency alarm—controlled and managed from a single access point!

The FLEX SLS Site Lighting System includes three standard modules designed to simplify layouts in 10/20/30 foot spacing. All the modules can be co-mingled on the same 24VDC low-voltage bus line, and are backwards compatible with the previous generations of the FLEX System:

FM2A6W/1000 lumens

The Clear-Vu Lighting LED Module: FM2A: 6W/1000 lumens
The Clear-Vu Lighting LED Module: FM2A: 6W/1000 lumens
The Clear-Vu Lighting LED Module: FM2A: Configurations

The FM2A module produces 5-foot-candles (average) at 10-12 foot spacing. The directed optics provide up to 30% more light on the ground than a 27W CFL lamp. Ideal for fit-outs of smaller rooms.

FM1030W/3000 lumens

The Clear-Vu Lighting LED Module: FM10: 30W/3000 lumens
The Clear-Vu Lighting LED Module: FM10: 30W/3000 lumens
The Clear-Vu Lighting LED Module: FM10: Configurations

The FM10 module produces 5-foot-candles (average) at 20 foot spacing. Ideal for special applications requiring 20 foot spacing and/or surface mount (i.e. tunnels).

FM3060W/6000 lumens

The Clear-Vu Lighting LED Module: FM30: 60W/6000 lumens
The Clear-Vu Lighting LED Module: FM30: 60W/6000 lumens
The Clear-Vu Lighting LED Module: FM30: Configurations

The FM30 module produces 5-foot-candles (average) at 30 foot spacing and incorporates proprietary lenses that direct 5-10% of the light upwards – eliminating the cavern effect in projects with high ceilings above 12 foot. Ideal replacement for traditional 400W metal halide and high-output fluorescent fixtures.

The FLEX SLS Site Lighting System even allows you to mix and match your
installation to fit ANY WORK ENVIRONMENT!

The Clear-Vu Lighting LED Module: Mixed: Configurations

Read about our accessories and full system details below:

Make the smart choice and get it done right!

  • Want safe and sustainable construction site lighting?
  • Want a system that is easy to install and reconfigure on a dynamic job site without getting buried in the walls?
  • Want long-life LEDs and robust construction that minimizes maintenance costs and encourages reuse?
  • Want higher levels of illumination while reducing energy costs by 80+%?
  • Want different types of temporary lighting for general area, access areas, back of building, stairwells, and path of egress?
  • Want to eliminate OSHA inspector violations due to bad splices?

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FLEX SLS Works for the
entire construction
value chain


  • Developers/Building Owners
  • Architects/Electrical Engineers/Lighting Designers
  • Construction Managers/General Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Distributors

If you need temporary lighting, you need FLEX SLS.

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what makes

FLEX SLS unique?


safe & secure

  • The power distribution system is entirely low voltage – eliminating the risk of electrocution and shock hazards on jobsites.
  • LED modules are never too hot to touch and substantially reduce the possibility of injuries and fires.
  • LED modules conform to OSHA foot candle requirements.
  • Your entire temporary lighting installation can serve as an emergency alarm for building evacuation.


cost-effective &

  • FLEX SLS consumes less than 1/4 the energy compared to existing lighting technologies.
  • FLEX SLS earned a LEED ID Credit due to the significant decrease in electricity consumption and electrical waste.
  • RoHS compliant
  • Contains no hazardous materials


installation &
labor efficient

  • LED modules have twist and lock connectors for ease of installation.
  • Allows unlimited spacing of stringers and hardwiring of fixtures for optimal spacing
  • All LED modules can be co-mingled on the same 24VDC low-voltage bus line.



  • Impact resistant and impervious to environment – IP66-rated polycarbonate module enclosure designed to withstand extreme environmental and physical abuse.
  • IP66-rated.
  • Power supply includes secondary surge protection for lighting strikes.
  • Will survive a 15’ drop test on concrete.

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