Lighting Fixtures Designed, Manufactured, and Tested to the Demanding Requirements for Cleanroom/Controlled Environment Projects

Controls light distribution. Eliminates glare. Minimizes shadows.

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Meet All Environmental Challenges

  • Want to eliminate issues of leakage, corrosion, toxicity, cleanability, and electromagnetic interference?
  • Need to meet all the listing and certification requirements related to contamination?
  • Need to interface with new contemporary ceiling systems?
  • Want edge-lit LED optics that eliminate glare and minimize shadows?
  • Want to maximize LED performance and longevity by using an integrated aluminum heatsink/housing?

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cleanLED sets the standard for controlled/pressurized environments


  • clean rooms
  • containment areas
  • biosafety labs
  • vivariums
  • surgical suites

If you need controlled environment lighting, you need cleanLED.

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An Energy-Efficient, Maintenance-Free Alternative to CFL, HID, and Line Voltage LED Systems

Environmental Challenges

cleanLED Solves

Leakage • Contamination • Corrosion • Toxicity • Cleanability • Electromagnetic Interference • Energy Efficiency


Assures pathogens and particulates will not enter or pass through the lighting fixture


NSF/ANSI 2 Splash Zone addresses materials, design and construction as it relates to ease of cleanability, corrosion resistance and toxicity.


Operates within ranges (RE and CE) that are safe for controlled environments


Design Lights Consortium Qualified – a prerequisite for most utility rebate programs

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Everything you need to know about cleanLED

cleanLED product overview, specifications, and dimensional data at your fingertips.

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Find out how to Control LED performance on your next controlled environment project.