Clear-Vu Lighting Patents

Clear-Vu Lighting is a leading provider of advanced lighting products for the transit, life sciences/healthcare, and construction industries, and Clear-Vu’s technology can be found in Clear-Vu’s products and in certain products offered by Clear-Vu’s commercial partners.

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  • LED Task Lighting System: US Patent Number: 10,948,172
  • Modular Led Lighting System: US Patent Number: 9,625,139, Patent Pending
  • FLEX SLS: US Patent Numbers: 9,672,700, US Patent Pub. Number: 2015/0247630, Australia Patent Number: 2,011,264,781, United Kingdom Patent Number: 2,526,465. Other Patents Pending.
  • Task Lighting System With Alarm & Dimming Features: US Patent Numbers: 9,672,700, 10,055,947


  • METRO Platform Light & Enhanced Station Initiative (ESI) Fixtures: US Patent Number: 9,625,139, 9,909,748, 10,443,827, 10,190,760. Other Patents Pending.
  • METRO Track Light: US Patent Number: 9,625,139. Other Patents Pending.
  • METRO Guide Light: US Patent Number: 9,316,370, D752,954. Other Patents Pending.
  • Portable Lamp Bank: US Patent Number: 8,313,21. Other patents Patent Pending.
  • Wireway: US Patent Number: 10,443,827.
  • Portable Lamp Bank & Lens Assembly for use therewith: US Patent Number: 8,313,211
  • Pathway Lighting System for Tunnels: US Patent Number: 10,386,027
  • Mounting Bracket for Tunnel Light: US Patent Number: D752,954
  • Pathway Lighting System for Tunnels: US Patent Number: 9,316,370
  • Pathway Lighting System for Tunnels: Patent Pending
  • Led Light Fixture For Use In Public Transportation Facilities: US Patent Numbers: 9909748*, 10,941,929, 10,190,760*, 10,962,213, 11,035,561, 11,073,269. Other Patents Pending
  • Fixtures with Signaling Devices: Patent Pending
  • Lighting System: US Patent Numbers: 10,585,229
  • Light Fixture & Wireway Assembly: US Patent Numbers: 10,443,827,10,760,781. Other Patents Pending
  • Bi-Level Light Fixture For Public Transportation Tunnels: Patent Pending

Life Sciences

  • Controlled Environment Light Fixture: US Patent Numbers: 9,897,305, 10,584,866, 10,920,975. Other Patents Pending