System Benefits

Safety and Security

The power distribution system is entirely low voltage (24VDC), eliminating the risk of electrocution and shock hazards on jobsites. With the optional Intelligent Control System, the entire temporary lighting installation can serve as a notification alert system for building evacuation by intermittently strobing the LED modules.

The operating temperature of the LED modules is never too hot to touch (in contrast to MH, quartz, halogen, etc), substantially reducing the possibility of injuries and fires. Additionally, the LED modules deliver superior quality and consistency in light output to conform to OSHA foot candle requirements. The LED modules are resistant to theft because they do not support standard input voltage.

Cost and Energy Savings

On a 250,000 sq. ft. job site with a 2 year duration, over $200,000 in electricity savings alone is possible over the course of the project compared to existing lighting technologies (factoring $0.12/kwh). The FLEX SLS system consumes less than 1/4 the energy!


The FLEX SLS System has earned its first LEED ID Credit (#10270) due to the significant decrease in electricity consumption and electrical waste! All components of the FLEX SLS System are RoHS compliant and contain no hazardous materials unlike compact fluorescent and metal halide bulbs.

Installation and Labor Efficiency

Utilizing the revolutionary T-Connector, temporary lighting is no longer limited to the fixed distance spacing of stringers or the hardwiring of MH fixtures. The electrical contractor simply connects the Power Supply to a 110/220VAC input source, wires the 24VDC Bus Line along a ceiling, beam, or other type of harness, and then connects LED Modules to the 24VDC Bus Line at optimal spacing depending on dynamic job site requirements.

Operational Life and Durability

The illumination for the LED modules is rated for L70 @ 80,000 hours. After almost 6 years of continuous, full-power usage (or 10 years when using the dimming function), the LEDs will output 70% of their initial brightness. The modules themselves are extremely durable (impact-grade polycarbonate and cast aluminum assembly), wet location (IP66-rated) for core and shell applications, and will survive a 15’ drop test on concrete. Additionally, the power supply includes secondary surge protection for lighting strikes. In contrast to traditional temporary lighting systems, or fan-cooled LED corn cobs, the LED modules will last far more than a single project!