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Monday, March 26, 2012

Clear-Vu Lighting Featured in Metal Construction News

Within the metal construction industry there are a myriad of manufacturers, developers and general contractors.

As the economic pressure builds for contractors to win bidding wars for new and retrofit projects, standing out in a sea of competitors could give your company the competitive and financial edge. Following are four ways that successful companies have differentiated themselves, helping them weather the economic storm.

1. Embrace New Technology

Construction technology continues to grow from the job site to the office. Despite the past years of economic downturn, the fragile economy is actually pushing some companies to embrace new technology. As Lee Chapman, project manager with Skanska, Queens, N.Y., notes, “After the economic downturn Skanska started exploring ways to reduce our temporary power and utility costs on projects.”

To cut down on costs, Chapman looked for industry innovation. “I attended the 2009 Green-build International Expo floor in Phoenix talking to LED lighting vendors in the convention hall, asking if they had any temporary LED lighting systems for a pilot program,” he explains. “Out of all the vendors I spoke with I only found one manufacturer, [West-bury, N.Y.-based] Clear Vu Lighting, who is an innovative vendor of harsh environment LED products. Since their existing product had a high upfront unit cost, they worked with Skanska on adapting it to an entirely new segment and market.”

LED lighting technology used by Skanska. (Photo courtesy of Skanska)

Bringing in LED to the job site provided more than a power solution. The end result is a new construction technology that has given Skanska considerable attention. Skanska has done a great job of marketing by example in implementing LED lighting on more than one job site so that clients and industry professionals have taken notice. Chapman notes the success of working with LED has allowed Skanska to explore future innovations, which he says, “could change the way we work.”

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