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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New National Sanitation Foundation Protocol P442 – Controlled Environment Lighting Fixtures

The National Sanitation Foundation has released its new protocol NSF P442 – Controlled Environment Lighting Fixtures. The new publication establishes standards and testing procedures for lighting fixtures utilized in pharmaceutical processing, bio-tech research, biosafety labs, surgical suite, clean room manufacturing, food processing and horticulture applications.

P442 addresses three categories – leakage, sanitation and interface with ceiling structures. Leakage is separate into two types: leakage between the plenum and room and leakage into the lighting fixture. The second category is ease of cleanability and corrosion resistance. The third category, interface with ceiling structures states that the ceiling structure must produce a progressive surface with the ceiling. This mandates overlapping lens frames with beveled perimeters and precludes inset doors and overlapping doors with 90 degree returns.