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Temporary Construction LED Lighting Systems

The world’s most advanced low voltage LED-based temporary lighting system for construction sites just got even better…

Clear-Vu Lighting’s award-winning FLEX SLS Site Lighting System is safer, more energy efficient, cost-effective, and flexible than traditional line voltage temporary lighting systems including incandescent/compact fluorescent/LED lamp-based “stringers” and 400W metal halide fixtures or their fluorescent equivalents for a wide variety of applications. FLEX LED modules are IP66-rated, extremely rugged and durable (can withstand 15′ drop test) and theft-resistant due to the proprietary T-Connectors. And now, with the Intelligent Control System, an entire jobsite’s temporary lighting can serve as an emergency alarm—controlled and managed from a single access point!

The FLEX SLS Site Lighting System includes three standard modules designed to simplify layouts in 10/20/30 foot spacing. All the modules can be comingled on the same 24VDC low-voltage bus line, and are backwards compatible with the previous generations of the FLEX System.

FM30 (60W/6000 lumens):

  • The FM30 module produces 5-foot-candles (average) at 30 foot spacing.
  • The FM30 incorporates proprietary lenses that direct 5-10% of the light upwards, eliminating the cavern effect in projects with high ceilings (above 12′). An ideal replacement for traditional 400W metal halide and high-output fluorescent fixtures.
  • Impact resistant and impervious to environment – IP66-rated polycarbonate module enclosure is designed to withstand extreme environmental and physical abuse.
  • Modules have twist and lock connectors for ease of installation.
  • High footcandles without direct glare.
  • Lumen maintenance for modules: 70% at 80,000 hours.
  • FM10 and FM30 include 10′ whip standard for ease of configuration, optional on the FM2 (FM2-10W).
  • The FPS450/FPS450DT/FPS450I power supplies accommodate up to (45) FM2s, (14) FM10s, (6) FM30s, or a combination of the different modules preserving the ratio.