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Metro Track Light

LED Tunnel Lighting Fixtures, Mass Transportation


The advent of LED technology has presented mass transportation authorities with “not-so-good, better, best” choices for upgrading subway tunnel lighting.

The “not-so good” choice removes the antiquated light source from an outdated lighting fixture and replaces it with an LED bulb. This “horseless carriage” approach, puts new technology into outdated and inadequate fixtures.

The “better” choice removes and replaces the light source and optics. This approach acknowledges that the light source must control lumen distribution in order to be effective and efficient.

The “best” choice is a new lighting fixture designed specifically for the LED light source.

The new lighting fixture provides controlled lumen distribution and is designed to maximize lighting performance and minimize operational and maintenance costs.

Maximized Performance – Outstanding lighting levels with reduced
energy and no maintenance

The Metro Track Light significantly surpasses NFPA 130 lighting level standards
enabling track work and maintenance without auxiliary lighting in most applications. In
addition, the Metro Track Light reduces operational costs, eliminates maintenance and is
guaranteed for 5 years.

  • Consumes
  • ~5fc at 25′ spacing, greatly exceeding NFPA requirements
  • Eliminates lamp replacement maintenance
  • Quick-install mounting system is as fast as a “bulb change”
  • Guaranteed 5-year life cycle